GIVING children with autism an opportunity to learn through technology is the aim of Keeley’s Cause, which has been started by a teenager from Ballan.

Keeley’s Cause has been going for just six months, but it has already helped seven children, with many more to come, to get the best out of their education through the use of iPads.

With the support of the Ballan Lions Club, Keeley, 13, along with her family put on a special day and Easter Egg hunt at the Ballan Racecourse on Saturday.
“We need to help as many kids as we possibly can to further their education to prevent them from being unable to function normally when they leave high school,” Keeley’s mum Sharon Murphy said.

“It started off with Keeley wanting to do a couple of sausage sizzles and get enough money to buy two iPads to help other kids like her,” Mrs Murphy said.

“We’re only 6 months in and the support we’ve got is absolutely amazing. It’s only going to grow from here.”

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