Bright Life Catering is the vehicle. I will sit in the driver’s seat and steer, but please jump on board as a passenger; we can go anywhere and it will always be fun.

Cindy Bright

Who is Cindy Bright?

I am a foodie. It is in my genes. My grandmother, mother and my two aunts have been extraordinary cooks, though they would not say so.

My grandmother would win many awards at the agricultural shows, my aunt was forever catering for large events and my mother was always baking for fundraisers. Our home life revolved around food. We always had visitors and I have no doubt it was because they knew they were never there for just a cup of tea. Leftovers though rare were reinvented and cakes were eaten hot.

I was very lucky my mother is open minded and curious in the kitchen. Her book purchases predominantly centred around food! I loved trawling through cook books imagining what I could create.

While other kids were playing with toys, I sat up at the kitchen bench in awe of my mother; whipping up delicious feasts quickly and with very few ingredients. I loved school holidays because I could spend all day in the kitchen baking, boiling, cutting, stirring and tasting! I clearly remember starting with pancakes, scones and biscuits with my own kids cooking set and felt really grown up when I moved to the adult world of baking trays, an electric mixer, the gas stove and a knife!

I was in my element when I was old enough to be given a shopping list, money and the kitchen for the day. I felt a great sense of joy and achievement, from choosing what I would cook to serving it to my family. Mum and Dad very gracious in how they navigated my feelings around my ‘creations’. I worked out that if I could not get my food to look as spectacular as it did on the book, a snazzy looking plate somehow made the food more appealing.

My best efforts were the birthday cakes I used to make for my nieces. They pushed my boundaries, choosing the most complex, and detailed cakes but I was pretty determined. I learnt then; if it looks good, they will eat it.

For me food was just as much about the experience being created as it was the food itself. My mother certainly gave me the cooking bug, but she was no fuss (get it on the table and eat) without the need for all the ‘fanfare’ (table cloth, special cutlery and table decorations) and that’s where my aunts come in; they felt that the food could not be served unless the table was ‘ready’ at minimum with tablecloth, place mats and drink coasters, and serving trays and spoons and so on. I loved eating at their place; it made me feel like eating was always a celebration, and let’s face it, it is!

There has been a very long and interesting journey between the children’s baking set and Bright Life Catering. Running a food business was never the plan; but life is not always about sticking to the plan. Like my forebears, I have a passion for food that has until recently remained within the confines of family and friends. My cookbooks tell the stories of success and failure, trials and tribulations, celebration and commiseration. Food is the universal magnet to sharing ones’ life experiences with others’. It is a powerful way to exchange ideas about our food patterns and habits, likes and dislikes and our choices and learned bahaviours. It is a most fascinating topic to me.

My journey from vegetarian to vegan has been a significant catalyst in launching Bright Life Catering publicly. Its more than selling food. It represents many years of reflection on my place in the world and my contribution to it.

I want a world that is peaceful, kind and compassionate.

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